Review: Signup, Payment Proof

Posted on is one of the newly launched URL shortener companies with high CPM rates, pays all its publishers to shorten and share their URL links online. If you want to earn money from then shorten any long URLs with tools and share those shorten links with a blog, YouTube, Twitter, or anywhere online.

If any visitor clicks on your link then you will be paid some amount, their payout rates are depending on many factors like the number of clicks, visitors’ country, etc. Like URL shortener also offers some good features to all its publishers to boost their earnings, like high payout rates, low cashout limit, daily payments, good customer support, attractive referral commission, multiple tools, on-time payments, quick sign up option, etc. Also, it is the best URL shortener for advertisers to create campaigns. CPM rates are not permanent it changes daily while writing this review it was offering up to $20 for 1000 visits with a minimum rate of $3.50. Its minimum cashout limit is only $5, which is very easy to achieve. Like its competitors, also offers attractive referral commissions to all its publishers to earn extra revenue from the referral program.

Currently, it uses PayPal, Skrill, Paytm, and Payza as its payment method to pay all its users. pays daily. is the best choice for advertisers to create Campaigns with the cheapest rates, it helps advertisers to reach targeted audiences very quickly. Currently, offers Banner ads and Interstitial ads to all its advertisers.

Simple Details:

Network Type: CPC, CPM
Ad Formats: Interstitial Ads
Minimum Payout: $3
Payment Options: Paypal,  Webmoney, Payeer, etc.
Payment Time: Anytime
Referral: 10%
The payout for 1000 views: Upto $20 (Minimum $3.00)

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